The sport of paddle boarding is gaining more and more popularity. Many people are trying to learn the sport. However, without the right tips, it is challenging to enjoy your paddleboarding experience. So, today, we will share with you five paddleboarding tips that you need to always stick to. Once you follow these steps, it will be easy for you to use the paddleboard the right way. The steps are not that difficult to follow. It is just that most people who take up the sport might not be aware of the steps.

Without any delay, let us look at the paddle boarding tips to help you understand more about it.

1. Take advantage of the leash:

Whether you are a beginner or whether you have been indulging in the sport for a few weeks, a leash can undoubtedly help you. It can keep you safe as well and close to your board. At the same time, it can help you float with the help of your paddleboard as well. It serves multiple purposes, and that is why you should always use it when you’re going out in the water.

Another advantage of the leash is that it can help you stay close to your board in stormy as well as windy conditions. It would be best if you remembered that leashes are of different types as well. You have to check a few factors while choosing one. These factors include:

• You need to decide whether you want to select the straight leash or the coil the leash.

• You have to look at the attachment point of the leash before buying one.

• You have to look at the type of padding on offer in the leash.

Once you look at these three factors, it is easy for you to choose one.

2. Choose the right board:

If you want to want to ace the sport, it is essential to choose the right paddleboard. Mostly, there are three options which you have. These are:

• Surf paddle boards:

These paddleboards have a narrower nose. And the tail tapers too. They are suitable for sea waters and also for racing.

• All-round paddle boards:

These are thicker and wider. They are highly versatile, which means that you can use them in the ocean and inland water bodies.

• Flatwater paddle boards:

As the name itself suggests, these are perfect for inland water bodies with little to no flow. They are moderately wide, which means that it is easy for you to attain proper balance and use them.

Thus, depending on your use, you need to choose the right paddleboard before you can indulge in the sport. It is the most important tip which you need to follow when trying to learn paddle boarding.

3. Get the technique right:

A rule of thumb is, when you are paddleboarding, keep the bent part of the board outwards. Doing so will ensure that splash less water and with little effort, and you can propel yourself in the right direction quite quickly.

Another rule which you have to follow is to have some distance between your hand positioning. It will ensure that you can apply more power and therefore propel yourself faster.

These two tips will help you in using the right technique when learning the sport. Without the proper technique, you will not be able to enjoy the experience, and it will just be an exhausting experience for you.

4. Do not look down:

Generally speaking, when you first start using the paddleboard, you might tend to look down. It is to ensure that you are moving the board in the right way. However, this can hamper your control over the board and your balance. You have to keep your head up. The correct standing position is crucial to maintain your stability. When your head is up, you can control the direction of the board in a much better way. This step alone will ensure that you can go through the learning curve quite quickly.

5. Keep distance from other paddlers:

When you’re learning the art of paddle boarding, you might likely be enjoying the sport in groups. However, it would be best if you kept an appropriate distance between you and other paddlers. The waves which the other paddlers would generate can affect your stability. Also, there is a chance that they might bump into you. Both of these activities can make you fall off your paddleboard. That is why; you have to maintain distance such that you get enough space to paddle and maneuver around.

So, if you want to enjoy the paddleboarding experience, these are the five tips that you need to follow. They will not only make paddleboarding fun for you but will also help you go through the learning curve quite easily. It is time to enjoy the experience using our guide above rather than struggle through it.